• Whether you are a parent, student, or curious visitor to our website, thank you for choosing Paisley IB Magnet School.  Paisley, a nationally recognized Magnet School of Excellence, received its initial authorization by the International Baccalaureate Organization in 2002 and was reauthorized in 2008 after a comprehensive visitation process involving an IBO team from around the globe.  In 2013 Paisley IB became one of the few schools in the United States to receive its second reauthorization from the IBO.  We celebrate a diverse student body, including students from 35 elementary schools across the district, 5 students form other school districts, HAG (highly academically gifted), AG (academically gifted), and other students who desire a rigorous academic program.  Our students represent many races, ethnicities, and nationalities, including students from more than 20 foreign countries (Ghana, Russian Federation, South Korea, Mexico, Iceland, New Zealand, Virgin Islands (US), Ethiopia, and the People's Republic of China - to name a few).  Organizationally, the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) spans grades 6 through 10 at Paisley IB Magnet School.  In IB terminology this translates into Year 1 (6th graders)  through Year 5 (10th graders).
    Students who come to Paisley IB Magnet School as Year 1 students have the opportunity to earn 4 high school credits by the time they complete Year 3 (8th grade).  At that time, students may choose to remain at Paisley or attend their residential high school or attend another magnet school.  Students desiring to be a part of the Years 4 & 5 program must have successfully completed at least Math I, Language B (a foreign language), and be prepared for a very rigorous curriculum.  All core courses (Language A, Mathematics, Humanities, Science), as well as Language B, are taught at the Honors level in Years 4 &5 of the IB Programme, preparing students for challenging IB Diploma Programme at Parkland or for an Advanced Placement (AP) course of studies at their residential high school/Career Center.
    While the majority of Paisley IB Magnet School Year 5 students choose to complete the IB course of studies at Parkland, the few students who do choose to attend their residential high schools are extremely successful.  In the past few years, eight (8) of the valedictorians of district high schools have been former Paisley IB Magnet School students.  We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students, the competitive colleges and universities in which they matriculate and the many scholarships which they earn.
    The Paisley IB Magnet School faculty is as diverse and talented as our student body.  Our faculty features artists and musicians, scientists, business entrepreneurs and a mathematics teacher with an MBA.  Many of our teachers have traveled or lived abroad and bring first-hand knowledge of other cultures and global perspectives to their curriculum.
    The nearly 800 students at Paisley IB Magnet School have opportunities to become involved in chess club, robotics, a state-wide competitive Science Olympiad team, science fair, art club, environmental club, and many other activities.  Please explore our website.  If you are a visitor, call our guidance office for an appointment.   WELCOME TO PAISLEY IB!
Last Modified on October 27, 2014