1. Using the ERA (earn run average) stats on the sports page in the newspaper, put the players in order from least to greatest or the opposite way.
    2. Using a regular deck of cards, play Multiplication War. Numbered cards are woth what is on them and face cards are as follows: King-0, Queen-12, Jack-11, and the Aces are worth 1. Schuffle and deal out all the cards face down. turn over two at the time and mutliply the number together. Highest product wins. If any of the players match products, those players turn over two more cards and multiply to break the tie.
    1. For an ongoing practice for written expression, ask a relative or friend that lives in another town, state, or country to write or send an email to your son or daughter. This way they came write back about what is going on with them. They will have to elaborate and use description to make themselves understood.
    2. Have your child read the newspaper or a magazine. Once they have read a paragraph or two let them summarize what they have read.
    3. Tevo a TV program. Show it to your child but turn it off with ten minutes to go. Give your child a chance to write the end of the show. Then compare the real ending to the one they wrote.
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