• Language Artsbalancing cat
    1. Before reading a fictional passage, first scan through and underline all of the action words. Then try to predict what will be going on in the passage. This allows the reader to think about the details as well as the main idea thus helping when answering detail oriented questions.
    2. Outline a nonfiction passage by paragraph. This will help practice taking notes and locating main points.
    3. Read an article in the paper and paraphrase it.
    1. Use the information in the sport section to practice math. Ordering decimals, writing integers, and making up word problems.
    •    Scan the write ups of various plays in order to write positive and negative integers. Write ups of footballs games are usually best for this as the players can advance and lose yardage which equates to positive and negative numbers.
    • Create a comic strip to explain how to solve a problem.
    • Using the write ups of games to create word problems.

    2. Do the hustle. Using the backs of typing paper size pages you might get as junk mail, create a number line using positive and negative numbers on the floor. Your child can walk or dance out a problem using the numberline. Always start on the zero then move left or right depending on whether the number is positive or negative.