• Third Quarter
    Language Arts:
    1. Read and summarize. As your child reads, have them give each paragraph a title on another sheet of paper. Titles should be the main idea of the paragraph and summarize them in five words or less.
    2. You and your child read the same passage and ask each other questions as you go.
    3. Read the same passages as your child and text message the main ideas as you read. This will give you practice texting and them practice finding the main idea.
    1. Save various shaped boxes. Have them cut them apart so they lay flat and measure the boxes at the folds. They can find the surface area as well as the volume.
    2. Practice multiplying doubles such as 7X7, or 4X4. This will help them know the perfect squares and also help them estimate for the not so perfect squares.
    3. When driving keep a pad of paper and some pencils in the car. Choose a license plate that has passed and write down all the numbers on it. Have your child read all of the problems that they can think of using those numbers and then exchange the pads and try to solve the friends. They may use adding, subtracting, multiplying, and division, They may also use parenthesis and exponents, but they may only use the numbers they have.
     boy these books a heavy