• During fourth quarter, students are preparing for the EOG by reviewing information they have learned and practicing test taking skills. This is a good time to help them by having them 'peer tutor' you. Teach your parent time is a way to have your child practice and a time for you to remember or learn some of the things you have forgotten.
    Language Arts
    1. Find a book that your child is interested in reading. After they have read an agreed on number of pages, they are to text message you a summary of what they have read so far. This will give them practice on summarizing and also help you become a better texter. 
    2. Choose an article out of the paper and circle the unknown words. then try to use context to figure out the meaning. 
    3. When they are trapped in the car, take turns telling each other a word definition. The person hearing the definition has to supply the correct word for the meaning.
    1. Using the glossary in the math book and chapter pages, write words, definitions, rules, and examples of when to use them on file cards. Use them as flashcards or mixe them up fo a game of memory.
    2. Try to solve a problem without a formula.Start looking for patterns. Often times math problems can be solved by drawing or making a chart.