• Questions
    1)  What are my homework policies?
    2)  What school supplies do I require?
    1) QWhat are my homework policies?
    Homework Policy and Procedures: Students in my classes can expect most, if not all, nights and weekends. Depending on how much we accomplish in class daily, there will be less or more to do at home. Students should expect daily reading assignments.
    Homework is to be completed by the assigned due date. Be aware that few of my assignments are single, overnight pieces. Most assignments are given with more distant deadlines. Students are expected to manage their time in order to meet due dates.

    I create work units that extend three to five weeks. Students must manager their own schedules in order to accommodate work from other classes. Students MUST have their homework completed by the date assigned. I will not accept late work without permission. Permission will be given when a student has been ill or was not in class because of a family emergency such as a death in the family or serious illness of an immediate family member.

    2) QWhat school supplies do I require?

    2014-2015 School Supplies

    Both Year Five and Year Four (tenth and ninth grade) students should purchase a one-and-one-half inch three-ring binder with five tabbed section dividers. They should also purchased pre-punched, three-hole, loose-leaf, college-rule note paper for all home class work submissions.

    DO NOT USE SPIRAL BOUND, TEAR OUT PAPER! I WILL NOT ACCEPT ASSIGNMENTS SUBMITTED ON RAGGEDY PAPER TORN OUT OF A SPIRAL NOTEBOOK. In addition to being unsightly, the torn off tabs make the paper difficulty to work with. Such pages, called "Ragglety-Tagglety," will be returned to the student and not accepted until it is done properly.

    Few students make the effort to cleanly remove the sheets from the spiral binding and thus leave a paper mess on the floor. I have better things to do with my time than pick up trash. I won't accept work submitted on raggedy tear-out paper. It will be returned to students to be copied on loose-leaf paper. If this requires an additional day, papers will be penalized.
    Essay and other compositions must be be typed, or when so directed, hand written using black or dark blue ink. With hand written compositions, strike outs should be neat, single lines.

    Students should have two vinyl or paper, three-hole portfolios in order to submit and maintain their writing samples. I suggest vinyl because of durability. The portfolios will be used to submit compositions, extended fictional writing and especially research papers.

    For all work, students should use #2 pencil and should maintain a supply of them. I have paper and pencils available in the class room, but these will cost! I charge only for replacement. If a student needs financial assistance with this, he or she may see my privately and I will make the necessary arrangements.
    Periodically I will ask students to purchase a novel. For some titles we do not have enough copies in school. Students may not write in books belonging to the school. They are encouraged to do so in their own copies. This allows for the highlighting of vocabulary words and text notes. I will present a book list later this summer for both Year Four and Year Five Language A classes.
    I expect each student to own a quality dictionary for use at home. I want students to always have their dictionaries at their sides when they read. Use the dictionaries!!!