• Paisley PTSA Committees

    Below is a brief description of the Paisley PTSA committees, committee chairpersons, and their contact information for 2018-19.  We always welcome any extra volunteers who would like to help with a committee or event. Please contact the committee chair(s) or PTSA President if you would like more information. 


    Sarah Kaplan    Co-President    sarahekaplan@yahoo.com    336-575-2200

    Colleen Armentrout    Co-President/Secretary    carmentrout2@triad.rr.com    336-575-2978

    Erika Hubbard   Vice President    erika.hubbard@gmail.com    828-406-4685

    Jennifer Hurst    Treasurer    paisleyptsatreasurer@gmail.com    336-813-1494


    Gary Cone    Principal    gccone@wsfcs.k12.nc.us    336-345-7765

    Roshanda McCrimmon    Asst Principal    rymccrimmon@wsfcs.k12.nc.us    336-671-1584

    Christie Brown    Asst Principal    cbrown5@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Amy Pantano    Instructional Facilitator/IB Coord    abpantano@wsfcs.k12.nc.us


    Brian Althoff    Website/Pipeline    bsalthoff@att.net    336-972-7674

    Sarah Kaplan    Facebook    sarahekaplan@yahoo.com    336-575-2200

    Criseida Blancas    Newsletter    Crisblancas@hotmail.com    336-682-9754


    Joy Rochester    Membership Chair    jimnjoy@triad.rr.com    803-448-7728

    Elizabeth Warfield    Fund Drive Chair    elizabeth101@me.com    336-213-7936

    Rachel Kuhn    Fund Drive committee    ledalucy21@yahoo.com    919-607-0695

    Betsy Armentrout    Box Tops Chair    barmentrout456@gmail.com    336-682-8690

    Shari Burrell    Spirit Wear Chair    shariburrell68@gmail.com    336-575-6989


    Tamara McLaughlin    IFEST Chair    2mclaughlins@gmail.com    336-473-1575

    Laura Swain    FAF Chair    lauraswaim@triad.rr.com

    Joy Rochester    Book Fair    jimnjoy@triad.rr.com    803-448-7728

    Denise Johnson    Rewards Store Co-Chair    johnsondt@wssu.edu

    Dodie Campbell    Hospitality Co-Chair    dodieac@gmail.com

    Suzanne Tomaszewki    Hospitality Co-Chair    jstomaszewski@yahoo.com    508-904-1931

    Maria Glazener    Reflections Chair    smockgirlz@yahoo.com

    Katy Shick    Reflections Chair    katyshick@gmail.com

    Heather Mackey    Community Service Chair    mackey@triad.rr.com    336-420-9816



    Teacher Appreciation


    Jen Pardee    Volunteer Coordinator    jlpardee@gmail.com

    Kirsten Feiereisel    Audit Chair    kfeierei@gmail.com

    TaMonica Wright     Audit committee    tamonicawright@gmail.com    336-978-9707

    Criseida Blancas    Audit committee    Crisblancas@hotmail.com    336-682-9754

    Colleen Armentrout    School Improvement Team Rep    carmentrout2@triad.rr.com    336-575-2978

    School Improvement Team Rep


    Advocacy Programming



    Dothula Baron    Alumni Association President    dothula@gmail.com    910-795-6359

    Leroy Barkley    Alumni Association Rep    leroybarkley223@yahoo.com    336-771-6231

    James Pickens    Alumni Association Rep    jpickens02@triad.rr.com



    Standing Committees

    Advocacy:  The advocacy committee develops and organize meetings, activities, and programs to further the goals and purposes of PTA.  This committee is tasked with improving communications and relationships between school staff and families; educating families and caregivers on important issues related to the health and educational success of their children; and helping to make each child’s potential a reality. 
    Audit:  The Audit committee performs monthly audits and financial reviews of Paisley PTSA’s financial records. The committee also performs the annual year-end audit for the previous school year and submits its report to NC PTA no later than August 31.

    Nominating:  Throughout the year, the nominating committee is tasked with identifying talented, motivated, andresponsible individuals to serve as officers of our PTSA. This committee is comprised of an odd number and no fewer than three members; at least two of the committee members are current board members and at least one committee member is a member of the local PTA who does not serve on the board. 

    Special Committees
    Beautification: Let's keep the Paisley grounds beautiful!  The Beautification committee works with school administrators to plan work days at Paisley.  Most work days involve cleaning up the grounds (picking up trash), laying fresh pine straw or other mulch, and planting bulbs or annual flowers.  

    Book Fair: Paisley hosts the Scholastic Book Fair in the Media Center.  The Book Fair committee works closely with Paisley's Media Coordinator, Ms. Wilcox, to arrange the Book Fair with Scholastic representatives, set-up and tear-down the books and display cases, publicize the Book Fair to the school community, plan special events to attract shoppers, recruit volunteers to work during the Fair, and account for the funds being sent to Scholastic.  

    Box Tops: The Box Tops for Education coordinator collects, sorts, and sends in the Box Top labels turned in by Paisley students and families.  Paisley receives 10 cents for each Box Top label turned in. 
    Community Service: All Paisley students are expected to complete community and service hours each year.  The Community and Service committee contacts various community agencies to search for appropriate events where our students can volunteer.  Once events or agencies are determined, the Community and Service committee advertises those opportunities to our students via our website, newsletter, and the Paisley Pipeline.  
    Fine Arts Festival:  Fine Arts are an important component of the IB Programme, and Paisley celebrates our outstanding arts programs during our annual Fine Arts Festival.   The Fine Arts Festival committee works with the school's Arts department faculty to plan activities and a silent auction for the event.  Other activities that usually occur during Fine Arts Festival are the Scholastic Book Fair, dinner and a PTSA meeting.  Proceeds from the Fine Arts Festival benefit the various art programs at Paisley.
    Fund Drive/Fundraising: Paisley PTSA does not conduct any fundraising activities that require students to sell items for the PTSA, therefore the majority of our operating funds come from our annual PTSA Fund Drive.  The Fund Drive committee advertises the Fund Drive throughout the school year, collects donations, writes donation receipts, and follows up on pledges made through the Fund Drive.
    Hospitality: Among the responsibilities of the Hospitality Committee are hosting a variety of events for our Paisley teachers, administrators, and staff including:  quarterly breakfast snacks, luncheon during Teacher Appreciation Week in early May, and dinner before International Festival and Fine Arts Night.  The committee also arranges and distributes a holiday gift to teachers, staff, and administrators.  Many parent volunteers help the committee by providing home baked goodies throughout the year. 
    International Festival: The annual Paisley International Festival is our opportunity to showcase our school to the community.  Each class is assigned a country to highlight during the festival.  Crafts, food, and art from each country are shared during the one night event.  International Festival is truly an event when the entire school participates together. The committee works with the school staff and teachers to plan and organize the countries and entertainment.  The committee advertises the event, procures business support, sells tickets, and organizes volunteers.  
    Membership: The primary responsibility of the Membership committee is to build an informed, active membership for the Paisley Parent Teacher Student Association. The committee recruits members at Open House, PTSA meetings, and by providing special incentives for members to join. The committee also compiles a complete list of all members and maintains our membership data on the NC PTA website. 
    Newsletter:  The PTSA publishes a quarterly newsletter, Panther Pride, during the months of September, November, February, and late April.  The newsletter is distributed via students' Wednesday packets and is also posted on our web page.  We encourage anyone from the Paisley community to contribute news for the Panther Pride.   

    Paisley Pipeline: For the best way to know what is happening at Paisley, subscribe to the email updates sent through the Paisley Pipeline. Emails are sent on an as needed basis but normally go out at the beginning of each week.  Sign up for the Paisley Pipeline at paisleyib@gmail.com.    

    Programming: Paisley PTSA is proud to sponsor great informative sessions for parents, caregivers, and students. The committee plans the events and coordinates with local speakers and experts to present concurrent programs for adults in one room and students in another room. Topics can include “IB Education" and "Teen Driving".

    Reflections: Reflections is the National PTA's annual cultural arts project that offers students an opportunity to express themselves through visual arts, literature, music, dance, film, and photography.  The focus of this committee is to encourage individuals of all ages to enjoy and participate in the arts by promoting participation in the annual Reflections program.   The deadline to submit entries is usually in October. 

    Reward Store: This committee works closely with the school's faculty to manage the Paisley Reward Store. The store is open during lunch periods on Fridays and is stocked with a variety of treats for students. In addition to soliciting donations of candy, school supplies, games, and other items for the store, the committee recruits parents to volunteer during store hours.  
    Spirit Wear:  This committee orders and sells Paisley's various spirit wear items.  Spirit Wear includes our Paisley t-shirts, sweatshirts, magnets, and other items.  Spirit Wear is sold at Open House, PTSA meetings and events, and through special orders. 
    Volunteer Coordinator: The Parent Volunteer Coordinators work closely with the school's Faculty Volunteer Coordinator to recruit, train, and screen volunteers for the school and PTSA.  The Coordinators conduct Volunteer Training Seminars as required by WS/FCS, process and screen the Volunteer Applications, create name tags for approved volunteers, attend two meetings at the WS/FCS central office, and help track the number of volunteer hours contributed at Paisley.  In addition, the Volunteer Coordinators distribute lists of available volunteers to the PTSA committees or school staff to help with specific needs.  
    Website:  The Website chair updates the PTSA website on a regular basis.   
    Grade Parent Representatives:  The Parent representatives serve as liaisons between the PTSA and the parents and teachers for each grade.  Parent Representatives assist the teachers in coordinating parent volunteers for events such as International Festival and End of Year Picnics. Each grade normally has two parent reps.
    Parent Advisory Council Reps: Each month, WS/FCS Superintendent Dr. Martin meets with the Parent Advisory Council to discuss issues that affect the students and parents in our school system. The Council is comprised of one or two representatives from each school.  The meetings are usually held at 6PM on the third Tuesday of each month at the WS/FCS Education Building on Bethania Station Road.  Paisley's parent representatives should attend the meetings on behalf of our school and report back to the PTSA President, Executive Board, and general membership.   

    Parkland PTSA Liaison: Because of the close relationship our school shares with Parkland High School, our Parkland Liaison attends the Parkland PTSA meetings and reports back at the Paisley PTSA Board meetings.  

    School Leadership Team Parent Reps:  The School Leadership Team is comprised of representatives from the various school committees, administrators, and parent representatives.  The Parent reps attend the monthly School Leadership Team meetings and report back to the PTSA Board.