Student Dress Code


    The Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools have adopted a system-wide dress code. Students at Paisley are expected to adhere to this code. Parents are asked to familiarize themselves with the dress code as well. Students who come to school and are inappropriately dressed the first time will have to call a parent and have appropriate clothing brought to them. Additional violations of the Dress Code will result in administrative action.


    The following dress or appearance is prohibited. (Policy 5131, Article IV)


    a.  Clothing that contains advertisements for tobacco, alcohol or drugs; pictures or graphics of nudity; words that are profane, lewd, vulgar, or indecent


    b.  Halter or bare midriff tops, or bare midriffs


    c.  Spaghetti straps or tank tops (straps must be the width of a credit card)


    d.  Strapless shirts, off one shoulder or tube tops


    e.  Barefeet


    f.  Short shorts or skirts with or without leggings (shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least a credit card length above the knee)

    g.  Pants,slacks or jeans that sag below the waist (must be worn at natural waistline) 

    h.  Hats,caps, bandannas, sweat bands or any head gear

    i.  Underpants or bras showing or worn as outerwear

    j.  Provocative,revealing attire that exposes cleavage

    k.  Any symbols, styles or attire frequently associated with gangs, intimidation, and violence

    l.  Long/Oversized T-shirts (must be tucked-in)

    The Paisley dress code also prohibits tight pants and pants that have slits/cuts that reveal skin above the knee.  Leggings and/or jeggings may not be worn alone.  They may be worn with shorts, a skirt or a shirt that meets the length guideline above (the length of a credit card above the knee).
    Shirts that have slits or openings in the back that reveal undergarments or skin are not appropriate. 

    ** Paisley Administration will ultimately determine appropriateness of clothing and consequences for violation of the dress code**

Last Modified on September 21, 2018