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    The North Carolina Teacher Cadet Program is designed to introduce the high school student to the field of education.  The curriculum is presented in four units; Unit I-The Learner, Unit II-The School, Unit III-The Teacher and Teaching, Unit IV-Culminating Activities. 
    The first unit, The Learner, helps students become better acquainted with themselves as individuals, learners and community members.  The second unit, The School, focuses on the history of education in our state and nation, as well as insights into the structure and functions of our schools and school systems.  The third unit, The Teacher and Teaching, examines the role of teachers as individuals and professionals and includes an extended field experience.  The fourth and final unit, Culminating Activities, engages students in a number of activities that allow them to reflect on and appreciate their experience in the Teacher Cadet Program.
    First Semester Outline
    Unit 1..."Know Thyself"
    (The Role of Self-Esteem)
    Unit 2...Human Development
    (Physical, Cognitive, Moral, Social)
    Unit 3...Barriers to Learning
    (Labels, Special Education)