• Class Overview

    Eighth grade students examine the roles of people, events, and issues in North Carolina history that have contributed to the unique character of the state today. Although the value and methods of historical study as a way of learning about people are stressed, key concepts of geography, civics, and economics are incorporated throughout the course for a fuller understanding of the significance of the people, events, and issues.

     Major Assignments


    · At the beginning of each class students are required to complete a worm-up activity that will be graded on Fridays.

    · Each student is required to turn in three current event summaries per Quarter.

    · Students must answer the questions who, what, when, where, why, and explain the event effects their lives.

    · All responses must be in paragraph form and a copy of the article must also be attached.

    · Class activities will include completing graphic organizers, vocabulary, presentations, group assignments and much more. I will not assign homework this year! As a result, all class activities must be completed to ensure each students success.