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    The Counseling Center

    What School Counselors Do
    The middle school experience can be both an exciting and challenging time filled with many changes. Middle school counselors help students transition out of elementary into high school life in just three short years. We are here to listen to any concerns students and families may have regarding social, emotional, academic, and career guidance needs.  We are also here to help students develop their strengths and talents to their fullest potential.

    Listed are some of the services we provide:
    • Periodic classroom lessons related to positive personal growth and career development    
    • Conferences with students individually and in groups
    • Helping students build relationships with others
    • Assisting with school, college, and career plans
    • Working together with a team of dedicated professionals to meet the various needs of students
      • CFST Team (Nurse and Social Worker)
      • DSS Therapist

    PowerSchool Parent Portal   





    - allows parents/guardians to access student information, teachers and grades using the Internet.




    Contact:  P. Eason, Data Manager at 703-4165 and bring a valid picture ID and your email address.
    During eLearning, parents have the option to sign up electronically using the form below.