To register, call the office at (336) 703-4165 to schedule an appointment with Ms. Carolina Rincon

    Though an appointment is not required, it is recommended. 

    You will have immediate, uninterrupted access to the counselor during your scheduled time to make the best decisions for your child when an appointment is made.

    • Identification
      Driver's License or Official Government Picture ID
    • Verification of Residency
      (e.g.)Copy of lease, deed, rental contract, or utility bills such as a power, gas, or water bill
      (Checks, cell phone bills, cable bills, and driver's licenses are not accepted as proof of residence)
    • Notarized Statement of Current Address/utility bill with the renter/owner's name on it
    • Withdrawal Information (Report card, check-out grades, discipline, and attendance records from former school)
    • Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Immunization/Shot Record
    • I.E.P.  (If the student is a participant in the Exceptional Children's Program)
    • L.E.P.  Information from the New Comer's Center and if coming from out-of-county.
    • Special Health Issues/ Allergies Information
    • 504 Accommodations Page

    PLEASE NOTE: If the student is not living with both parents, proof of custody (Court-Ordered Documents) are needed.