• The Read180 Classroom
         The Read180 program is a research-based reading intervention program. The program was designed to help raise the reading levels and test scores of struggling readers. In Read180, class size is no larger than 21 so your child can get more of the one on one help that he/she may need.
         In Read180 students will start by taking a test that will let us know what their lexile level is. After finding out the lexile levels students are then put into groups. Students will participate in whole group, small group (where they get more individualized help), independent reading (students pick a book based on their lexile level), and instructional software (this is a program on the computer). The stories that we read in class, ones that they can pick for independent reading, and the topics that they can pick to work on on the computer program are of high interest for the students.
         Students will take the lexile test every 9 weeks to see if their lexile score is improving. The Read180 program is a highly engaging program that I truly enjoy teaching!
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