• 7th Grade Science Goals

    This year we will cover the following units:

    • Nature of Science -- We study the tools used in the science laboratory and how to properly use them, and the scientific method.  We will start the year with as introduction of safety rules in the science laboratory, science equipment  
    • Human Body -- The learner will understand the processes, structures and functions of living organisms that enable them to survive, reproduce and carry out the basic functions of life.  We dissect frogs to learn how our body systems are laid out.
    • Genetics --The learner will understand the relationship of the mechanisms of cellular reproduction, patterns of inheritance and external factors to potential variations among offspring.
    • Energy:  Conservation and Transfer--The learner will understand forms of energy, energy transfer and transformation and conservation in mechanical systems.
    • Forces & Motion -- The learner will understand motion, the effects of forces on motion and the graphical representations of motion.
    • Weather -- The learner will understand how cycling matter (water and gases) in and out of the atmosphere relates to Earth's atmosphere, weather and climate and the effects of the atmosphere.