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    College Foundation of North Carolina is a nonprofit partnership between Pathways of North Carolina, College Foundation, Inc., and the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority. These organizations have broad expertise in helping students to prepare successfully for college and to find the best financial aid alternatives. Together, they provide a complete and comprehensive source of information - and real solutions - for students and their families.

    CFNC Services College Foundation of North Carolina is your single source of information about preparing for and financing your college education.

    Our services, which are free, include:

    My CFNC

    The My CFNC module allows you to use the entire site easily by: Storing account information so you don't have to keep entering it Customizing various modules according to your personal preferences Providing a direct gateway to secure accounts you might want to check periodically

    The Ask an Expert module provides contact information for College Foundation of North Carolina specialists who can answer your questions about how to plan, apply, and pay for college.

    Career Center

    The Career Center module allows you to explore career possibilities, learn which careers suit your interests and personality, and determine which colleges best serve your career goals.

    Student Planner

    The Student Planner module provides a free, private, and secure account to record your high school accomplishments and prepare to meet college entrance requirements.

    College Fair

    The College Fair module lets you compare and explore North Carolina's 110 colleges and universities, then link to colleges that interest you.

    Online Applications

    The Online Applications module enables you to apply to any college in North Carolina. Plus, you can apply for loans and submit financial aid forms, including the FAFSA, online.

    Paying for College

    The Paying for College module contains information for students and parents about every aspect of college financing.

    The Scholarships & Grants module explains the types of scholarships and grants that are available and how to apply for them. It also provides scholarship search tools.

    The Savings Programs module describes North Carolina's National College Savings Program and provides links to other states' "529" plans. It also provides information on other ways to save for college, including education IRAs.

    The Tax Savings module discusses the tax advantages of North Carolina's National College Savings Program, other state "529" programs, scholarship programs, and other college financing programs related to the tax code.

    The Loan Programs module explains the various types of federal and state loan programs available to students and parents, and how to apply for them. It also provides a repayment calculator.

    The Tools & Calculator module provides a variety of useful financial calculation tools, glossaries of important terms, and links for conducting financial aid searches.

    The Publications module gathers many of the most important financial aid forms and publications into one place for easy access.

    The Ask an Expert module provides contact information for a College Foundation of North Carolina financial aid specialist. College Savings Program North Carolina's National College Savings Program, is North Carolina's tax-advantaged "529" plan for anyone who wants to save and invest for a college education. This plan offers a variety of investment options from lower risk / return to higher risk / return. You may select one or more options that meet your investment goals for college savings.

Last Modified on October 22, 2021