• Internet Safety & Cyberbullying

    Cyberbullying and internet predators pose a silent threat to our students. The internet has become an avenue for bullying other students. If your child is being cyberbullied or is a cyberbully, please contact the proper authorities. Law enforcement agencies are developing policies and procedures for dealing with internet crimes. 

    You may also report cyberbullying to the SEMS Assistant Principals, Mrs. Cone and Mr. Bailey. WSFCS disciplinary guidelines have been developed to include consequences for students who engage in bullying behaviors over the internet using electronic devices and programs.

    Use parental safeguards to protect your child from internet predators. Make sure you monitor the sites and features your child is using when on the internet. Predators are able to track down children using very little personal information. Discuss the dangers with your child about putting personal information and photos on their internet profiles.


Last Modified on December 14, 2023