• Smart Music Software is already being used in our band classes.  All Band Students have been to the computer lab during band class to sign up for their free sample subscription to Smart Music.  This subscription account allows students to access their band book, "Essential Elements" for one year.  
    Smart Music is a FANTASTIC tool for home-practice.  There are HOMEWORK playing tests for all band classes to be completed on smart music and submitted for grades.  Any students who are not able to complete assignments due to technology difficulties at home, may complete them during band class, but it is highly recommended that students complete the homework at home if at all possible.
    Students will log in the same way they log into computer desktops at Southeast MS.
    Username : (no spaces) 1st four letters of first name, 1st four letters of last name, LAST four numbers of student ID lunch number.
    Password : ENTIRE student ID Lunch Number 
    Smart Music Download Instructions 
    Click on the link below.



    Scroll Down and click on “Download Smart Music.”

    Follow the “on-screen” instructions.



Last Modified on November 26, 2014