• The 8th Grade Teachers
    Each teacher in the 8th grade brings something new to the table.  We work well together and toward a common goal of making sure your student is successful.  Below is the information for the 8th grade teachers.  Our planning hours are from 7:35-9:15 each morning.  You may call the school to set up an appointment or contact us through e-mail.
    Math Teachers
    Ms. Danielle Evans (Math 8)
    Ms. Teressa Hilbun (Math 8/Math I)
    Mrs. Nancy Holmes (Math 8/Math I)
    Mrs. Deborah Norgard (Math 8/Math I)
    Language Arts Teachers
    Mrs. Mara Lea Coston
    Ms. Laura Lyles
    Mr. Frankie Santoro
    Mr. Ray Solomon
    Science Teachers
    Mrs. Alisha Croghan
    Ms. Danielle Evans
    Ms. Jennifer Martin
    Mrs. Deborah Wallace-Smith
    Social Studies Teachers
    Mr. Matthew Halverstadt
    Mr. Jeff Oberlin
    Mr. Ray Solomon
    Ms. Andrea Stewart
    Mrs. Portia Lakey
    Mrs. Sandra Willmott