6th Grade General Expectations
    1. Students must show respect to peers, teachers and other adults.

    2. Students must be properly seated and ready for work with all needed supplies when class begins.

    3. Students may talk and leave seats with teacher permission only.

    4. Students must follow directions and ignore inappropriate behavior.

    5. Students must keep hands, objects, and personal remarks to themselves.
    Science teacher  
    Mr. Graham's Science Classroom Expections
    1.  All science work must be done in pencil and be neat.
    2.  Show work for all science assignments unless told otherwise.
    3.  You are expected to begin your daily warm-up as soon as you enter the room.
    4.  You will keep an organized science notebook using a Table of Content.
    5.  All assignments are to be done when they are given.  Assignments will be accepted late with a 20% penalty each day it is late.  Students who are sick and need to make up work are expected to ask what they need to make up.  Students have two (2) school days from the day of their absence to complete the assignment without penalty.  Students who miss a day when a test is given will be expected to take the test upon their return.  There will be no extension for tests.
    6.  Please show respect to everyone in the room, including yourself!
    7.  Please ask for help when you don't understand.
    8.  Learn from your mistakes...we all make them.
    9.  Believe that you will succeed and you will.
    10.  Everyone starts with an "A" average.  It is up to you to maintain it.  Following the steps above will ensure that it happens.
Last Modified on August 23, 2015