• Class Expectations:  

    1. Students are required to dress out for gym.
    2. A PTA uniform can be purchased for $25.00 or the rental  uniform will be assigned (black and white)
    3. Students are required to wear tennis shoes.
    4. Students are required to remove jewelry during class.


    Physical Education Your child will have four quarters of Physical Education, alternating A day / B day. Students must dress out for each class. If your child does not bring his/her uniform A PTA uniform can be purchased for $25.00 and can be used for gym. Students are required to rent black/white/gray uniforms for gym. These are returned at the end of fourth quarter. If lost, students pay $13.00 to replace the uniform, shirts $5.00 and shorts $8.00. Tennis Shoes are required for Physical Education class. Jewelry  should be removed during physical activity.