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    Thank you for visiting the home of Schoolhouse Radio.  My name is Jeffrey Griffin and this is my seventh year with the Career Center Think Tank.  (LOTS of extraordinarily smart people work here... they are patient with me.)
    My educational adventure began in Winston-Salem at Old Town (Chancel Brown, principal) and Old Richmond (Kay McIntyre, principal) Elementary Schools.  I struggled through junior high, as many of us do, at Northwest with legendary principal George Green leading the way through the unstable days of adolescence.  I finally arrived where I so longed to be - North Forsyth High School.  Only to discover the hero of my youth, Julian Gibson, retired and merrily playing eighteen holes nearly every day.  Principal Benjamin Warren filled in quite nicely and I subsequently enjoyed an idyllic high school experience surrounded by teachers and friends I had known nearly all my life.  (I can still sing the alma mater from memory and, in case you were wondering, it was written in 1962 by Louise Newman, a former teacher.)
    A musical theatre major, I attended Mars Hill College in, where else, Mars Hill, North Carolina before moving to the University of North Carolina School Of the Arts as an opera performance major.  I made my professional debut with National Opera Company in 1992 and have worked professionally in the world of theatre and music throughout the United States and internationally with concert appearances in Germany, France, Austria, England and Wales.
    Closer to home, I worked with hall of fame broadcaster and local icon Glenn Scott on WSJS radio for eight years as producer, anchor and host, including a five year stint hosting the Carolina's top-rated weekend broadcast.  During my days at WSJS, I was fortunate to learn from some of North Carolina's most respected broadcast professionals including Mike Fenley (program director,) Smith Patterson (news anchor) and Dick Edwards (continuity director.) 
    It wasn't all fun and games - I occasionally found myself actually working and those moments led me to receive the Best Sports Programming award from the Radio and Television News Director's Association of North and South Carolina in 2006 and 2008.  It's true - I also got an award for Best Sports from the Associated Press.  They even spelled my name correctly on the certificate!
    In 2000 I agreed to become the public address announcer for Wake Forest University Athletics.  As a direct result of my association with the Demon Deacons I have provided voice work for multiple NCAA championships, the NBA, the National Cheerleading Championships and the US Olympic Committee.  Following a nomination from the WFU Department of Athletics, I was fortunate enough to be named the NCAA Bob Sheppard Announcer of the Year for 2013 by the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers.
    Now for the funny part... in my spare time... I provide voiceover recordings for several clients including CBS, Ford, the PGA, Coca-Cola, NASCAR and McDonald's.  There are others on the list but you get the idea.
    The former Vikki Jenkin became my wife in 2006.  We are the extremely proud parents of Sophia Elizabeth and Miles Roswell Christian.
    I said all that to say this:  I LOVE teaching.  Radio is cool but the thrill, for me, remains in building relationships with my students.  I talk and they do.  They do and I watch.  We all learn.  Every day is magical and I am grateful for the opportunity.
    Thank you for visiting the home of Schoolhouse Radio.  It really is... Time for Class!