• We appreciate your support in helping us to achieve a positive learning environment at school.



    As a member of the Gladiators Team, I will:

    1.     Be respectful in words and actions

    2.    Be on time

    3.    Be prepared for learning with all assignments and materials

    4.    Follow instructions and respond POSITIVELY to ALL adults

    5.    Follow teacher and school procedures


    1.     Raise my hand to speak or leave seat.

    2.    Put forth 100% effort every day.

    3.    Be respectful.

    4.    Complete and turn work on time.

    5.    Work quietly and cooperatively.

    6.    Move quietly and respectfully.

    7.    Be honest!

    Work Hard  Be on Time! Raise your Hand...Ask Questions!




    1.     Warning

    2.    Silent Lunch

    3.    Student Conference

    4.    Parent/Student Conference

    5.    Office Referral-  (D-1)

    **Students will be sent straight to the office for “Major” Infractions!



    Positive Reinforcement

    HW Pass

    Open Lunch

    Lunch Outside

    Team Treats