Check out extra credit opportunities using this site!  Ask the teacher about ways to add points to a low grade.
    Use the pin given in class to access questions for practice! 
    Use this site to review class activities/labs and quiz questions. A login is required for specific labs completed in class.
    Play games and learn about the periodic table (additional links page).
    Acids and Bases
    Use this interactive site to practice identifying substances as acids or bases.
    Study using this site for the unit on Microbiology!  There are fun games to play too.
    Play this game to further your understanding of how diseases spread in a population.
    Practice using proper microscope techniques while studying bacteria.
    Use this website to review the interactions of the layers of the Earth.
    Play until you survive!  Develop your understanding of natural selection.
    Practice using natural selection in a simulated population scenario. 
    Practice checking for water pollution using bioindicators such as snails. 
    Excellent study site for the tests!