• All of this learning will be much easier to acquire if you are prepared for class, have your information organized and are willing to think “outside the box”(critically).

    Preparation involves the following:

    ·       having a 5-subject notebook designated just for Social Studies. (Two notebooks will be needed this year: One for first semester and one for second semester.)

    ·       having plenty of loose leaf notebook paper every day.

    ·       having at least 2 sharpened pencils with good erasers each class period.

    ·       having your agenda or planner with you each day.

    ·       having an alert mind and healthy body.

    Being organized involves these features:    

    ·       follow the format demonstrated in class.

    ·       having a current “Table of Contents”.

    ·       having each page completed and in order.

    ·       having your homework assignments recorded in your planners each day.

    **We will be learning new strategies as well as maintaining basic organization skills all year long.

    Willing to think critically involves these perspectives:                               

    ·       Able to keep a focus on today’s issues while also learning a different viewpoint through the eyes of the times and people of our world in ancient times.