• How to Register

    If you are planning to enroll your child at Wiley Middle School, please call the Counseling Department (727-2378) to schedule an appointment.

    By scheduling an appointment, you and your child have the opportunity to work with one of the counselors to make good decisions about your educational program at Wiley.

    Please bring:

    1. Proof of residency (electric bill, water bill, mortage statement, or rental agreement) that will have your name and your address printed on it.
    2. Parents' work numbers, e-mail addresses, and emergency contact numbers.
    3. Name, mailing address, and telephone or fax number of the previous school.
    4. Academic information: most recent report card and copies of standardized test scores.
    5. Information on any special services: IEPs, 504 plans, LEP services, academically gifted services, etc.
    6. Immunization records.
    7. Birth certificate.
    8. Other relevant information: copies of custody orders, health/medical information.
    PLEASE NOTE: Prior to registering at Wiley, students must properly check out of their previous school.
    Forms needed to register....
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Last Modified on September 9, 2015