Shakespeare's plays were created for performance, not for reading from a desk. With that in mind, our class will study Shakespeare through movement and interaction. Naturally, we'll need to understand the bard's words and story lines in order to create meaningful movement, so not all of our study will be riveting; however, I promise that we will keep the ideas ticking along, and, hopefully, you'll enjoy the material while we learn together.


    Because I have no idea what plays you've studied at your home schools and in your past, I cannot prepare a list of works to be covered this year. We'll create that list as a class. I do know that we'll begin with an overview of Shakespeare's life and times, and then we'll move on to iambic pentameter and sonnets. From there we'll choose a comedy, tragedy, and history to explore each quarter. We won't study the plays in isolation; we'll study several pieces from various plays along with the chosen texts. We'll be making connections among the plays thematically, historically, and stylistically, as well as discussing why Shakespeare wrote.


    As a side note, I'm not offended by those who stubbornly refuse to accept that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare's plays (you know who you are), and I want you to know that I look forward to the debate!


    Required Materials

    You'll need a folder with pockets in which to keep your scripts and handouts. You'll also need a PENCIL each day for writing in annotations and blocking. Pens won't do because your ideas will change as we discuss and physically work through the pieces. You'll need paper for notes, obviously. We'll be creating products in class such as posters, handouts, Glogs, etc., so you may want a flash drive and markers, but these materials are not required.



    A great deal of your grade will come from participation, including becoming part of an active environment, so you will want to wear clothing you can move in. You may be on the floor on any given day (I'll try to warn you a day or more ahead of time), so you may want to bring a blanket, towel, yoga mat, etc. on those days, or at least wear clothing that you are willing to lie around in!


    Participation and Performance 50%

    Tests/Essays/Projects 30%

    Quizzes/Memorization/Homework/Written Class Work 20%


    I'm very much looking forward to working with you this year. Please feel free to contact me via email or at school.


    Laurel Eury Naughton