• 7th Grade Science Syllabus & Classroom Policies

    Teacher: Karen Storey                    

    Email: kdstorey@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Website: http://wsfcs.k12.nc.us/kdstorey

    School Phone: (336) 703-4255                            Contact Time: 8:00am-9:00am

    Course Description: The goal of science is to understand the world around us. We use our senses to make observations and then we use these observations to explain the “how, why, what, when, &/or where”. Seventh grade science builds on the concepts and skills acquired in kindergarten through sixth grade. Connections to mathematics, technology, social science, and communication skills will be integrated into our instructional design. As you take the initiative to learn science and technology, you will learn about yourself, your community, and potential career paths. During this year you will have many opportunities to ask scientific questions and then answer your questions using the process of Scientific (Method) Inquiry. The concepts we will study this year include the following: 1st Semester: Scientific Inquiry, Technological Design, Structure & Function of Living Organisms, Human Body Systems, Genetics, Evolution, Environmental Issues & Ethics.

    2nd Semester: Energy Conservation, Forces & Motion, Earth Systems,Technological Design, Environmental Issues & Ethics.

    Team Vision and Expectations:  

    Our philosophy is to create an atmosphere of trust and support so that our students can develop confidence and self esteem. Each student will demonstrate positive growth, be responsible for their choices, and achieve expected academic and social success as set forth by WSFCS & NCDPI. We believe each student has the right to learn and each teacher has the right to teach. We embrace the support of our parents and the community as we encourage our students to demonstrate responsibility for their learning daily. Our expectations are high. Know that your student will have homework each night as we prepare for the EOY (End of Year) NC Exam/Common Core Exam.

                   We expect each student to:

    ·    Be Prepared with all work materials (including homework), in assigned seat, on time and ready to work each day.

    ·    Remain on task through-out the class period, committed and motivated to learning the required course material each day.

    ·    Demonstrate respect for all people, work materials, and school property at all times.

    Important Reminders: strive  each day for these EACH DAY: 3 A’s: Positive "Attitude, Academics, Attendance" and 4 B’s: "Be Prepared, Be Punctual, Be On Task, and Be Respectful."WHEN YOU DO THIS YOU SOAR!!

     DAILY Classroom Rules:

    1.  Be in your seat and immediately begin work on EQ (posted on board) when class begins.

    2. Be prepared with all necessary supplies: Science Journal, pen/penci,colored pencils,& hand-held pencil sharpener. 


    4. Only talk and move about the room at appropriate times or with permission from teacher.

    5. Take care of school property and follow all school handbook rules.

    6. Follow the dress code policy set forth by KMS

    7. ALL bags,purses & cell phones are to remain in lockers during core class, unless otherwise instructed by Mrs. Storey.


    Level I – Verbal Warning/Parent notified                   

    Level II – Silent Lunch: Teacher/Student Conference/Parent notified

    Level III – Parent/Teacher/Student Conference with Administrator/Guidance/Social Worker

    Level IV – Office Referral: Parent Notified 

    NOTE: Blatant disrespectful behavior &/or fighting result in an immediate D-1 & handled by administration.


    1.        Praise/ Encouragement

    2.        Incentives/Treats – MVP Award, etc.

    3.        Positive Phone calls to parents

    4.        Class Celebration(s)

    Grading Policies/Assignments will be weighted as follows:

    Tests & Projects = 45%

    Labs & Quizzes = 35% 

    Classwork/Homework = 20%

     Science Journal: Students are expected to keep a science journal which includes the daily EQ and the answer to the EQ, Vocabulary, Teacher Notes, and daily activities. All "pop" quizzes are open notes, which is why it is critical for each student to keep a personal science journal EVERY DAY. Students will be given opportunity for self assessments and peer assessments each quarter in areas of classwork, homework, projects & labs.  

    Homework Policy: Students are expected to complete homework nightly, which is due the next day at the beginning of class.   Late work is NOT accepted without parent conference. Pop quizzes will be given often - DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

     Makeup work: It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their work is completed. We will follow the absentee/makeup policy set forth by the Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools.

    After School Tutoring: Tutoring will be offered on Wednesday until 3:00 pm to those students bringing a written note from their parent providing permission. Please provide your arrangement for transportation in your note along with your phone number. 

    TEST & QUIZ Policy: Test  and/or quizzes will be given every Friday with MAJOR EMPHASIS ON CONTENT VOCABULARY. STUDY YOUR VOCABULARY EVERY NIGHT!!!

    Signature below represents you have read and understand this policy.  

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