• Math Supply List:

    Do not bring your calculator to class. We will have a set of both the TI34 II calculators in the classroom for student use when needed.  For use at home, any calculator that does basic operations & square roots will be sufficient.  Leave it home to use when appropriate for completing your homework.  I expect the following supplies to be brought to math class every

    Homework/planner folder given to the students.
    One 3-prong 2-pocket folder for math worksheets and lose leaf paper.  This folder is to be used for math work only!
    One composition notebook for notes (a second math composition notebook will likely be needed in the second haf of the school year)
    5 to 10  sheets of quarter inch graph paper in folder pocket
    Mechanical pencils with extra lead, or several black erasable pens,
    A red pen for corrections only (assignments done in red are unacceptable.)  I discourage the use of regular pencils in class as I do not have a pencil sharpener for student use available after homeroom. Your success in math is directly linked to your being prepared for class every day with the above supplies.