• Medical Sciences include all those professions that practice health care in a clinical setting.  This includes making the diagnosis, providing therapy, and caring for the patient's needs while in the care of the health care system.   If you are interested in becoming  a doctor, nurse, therapist, imaging technologist, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist, EMS worker or any other professional in the health care system, the Medical Sciences Strand may be for you. 
    The Allied Health Science II course requires that the students spend at least 60 hours in a skilled health care facility as part of the course.  Upon successful  completion of this course, students will be prepared to test for the Certified Nursing Assistant license.  With their CNA accreditation, they may move directly into the workforce or apply for other medical professional programs.  Many of these programs require either a CNA or copious volunteer hours as part of the application.
    To learn more about the Medical Science Strand, take a look at the following video.