• Philosophy of Camel Athletics

    We believe that Camel Athletics provide a unifying influence within our student body and between our school and community. Our goal is to provide all athletes with positive experiences that will help them develop their own philosophy toward commitment, responsibility, and loyalty, which will guide them for post-school competition in society. We believe that the will to win is a natural human trait and entirely desirable, but this urge whether individual or collective, is not to be attained at the price of unfair advantage or gained through violation of established rules and principles. The desire to win is important, but will never outweigh the welfare of the athlete and will be kept in perspective towards the balance of what is good for the team and the individual.

    If athletics are to be sponsored by the educational system, then athletics must be educative. The educative process must continue into the realm of responsibility. We cannot escape the thought that responsibility lies with all of us. Responsibility is a big part of athletics at Atkins High School. Responsibility to ones team, self and family is the most important aspect of education within the athletic department.

    Camel Athletics and spectators can be proud of a program that is helping our athletes become the best that they can be in many aspects. Through the experiences gained through athletics, each student athlete can reach his/her potential both while in school, and later as a contributing member of society.