• Code of Sportsmanship

    Public school interscholastic athletic events should be conducted in such a manner that good sportsmanship prevails at all times. Every effort should be made to promote a climate of wholesome competition. Unsportsmanlike acts will not be tolerated. Players/fans are under the coach's control from the time they arrive at the athletic field until they leave the field. ANY ATHLETE/FAN WHO IS REMOVED FROM AN ATHLETIC CONTEST FOR FIGHTING, OBSCENE GESTURES, OR PROFANITY WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR THE NEXT TWO GAMES. If there are other reasons for a players dismissal from a game, the state handbook and local regulations will take precedence.

    The NCHSAA Sportsmanship Ejection Policy is that the following types of behavior will result in ejection from an athletic contest: fighting, taunting or baiting, profanity directed toward an official or an opponent, obscene gestures, disrespectfully addressing or contacting an official.

    1st ejection: A four game suspension in all sports except two games for football.

    2nd ejection: Suspended for remainder of sport season.

    3rd ejection: Suspended from all athletic competition for 365 days from date of ejection.