• Shirts



    • Polos or other shirts with a collar and sleeves are SMOD
    • Mock neck or turtleneck shirts are SMOD
    • Blouses / Dress Shirts are SMOD if the following are met:
      • Must cover shoulders and midriff
      • Collar not required but must have sleeves
      • No see through or sheer blouses / dress shirts
      • No low cut necklines
    • Shirts are not required to be tucked in.  Long or oversize shirts cannot be worn as a dress and must be tucked in.  
    • Note that t-shirts are NOT allowed except as layered garments. 
    • Ties and scarves may be in any color or pattern.


    SMOD Shirts  
     Shirts gray shirt
    Atkins spirit wear collared shirts in SMOD colors such as the ones below also meet requirements for Standard Mode of Dress.
    Spirit Wear
    Shirts that are not solid colors, such as the ones below, may not be worn.
    Examples of Inappropriate Shirts