Student Responsibility

    A student must have their entire body inside the classroom when the bell finishes ringing in order to not be considered tardy.    The warning bell has been eliminated and the student must better manage their time in the hallway to allow them to get to class on time.

    Tardy Consequences

    1st Tardy: Warning 2nd Tardy: Period Detention 3rd Tardy: ISS entire next day + call parent 4th Tardy: ISS entire next day + call parent 5th Tardy: Discipline Referral (D-1) + 1 Day Out of School Suspension

    Special Circumstances

    1st period: Students that come in from the outside should be considered tardy as well and should be dealt with the same as those already inside the building. If it is caused by a parent, the parent should be required to come in and sign them in. If they don't do that, then the student is tardy. All students should go to ISS when tardy to class first period.
    All lunches: If a student has lunch, that is where they should be. If they are found in the academic wings, they should be swept. They can eat during the last lunch with the rest of the ISS students. Sweeps must be done consistently during all lunches.