• Electronic Devices Policy and Procedures

    A. School Board Policies

    Students shall not use or possess electronic devices such as MP3/4 players,portable radios, tape recorders, tape/CD/DVD players, digital cameras,laser pens, or other similar electronic equipment in school during regular school hours except as approved by a Principal or his designee. (5131.II.A.22)
    Portable communication devices shall be turned off in class or any instructional setting. If a portable communication device rings, vibrates or is otherwise used or in use during class or instruction without permission from the Principal or his designee, it may be confiscated and the student may be denied the privilege of possessing a communication device at school for up to the remainder of the school year. The confiscated device shall be returned to the students parent/guardian.(5131.II.A.23.a)

    B. Atkins High School Complex Procedure

    Teachers will confiscate all cell phones or electronic devices that are visibleprior to 3:40 each day. The teachers turn the electronic devices in atthe office by the end of the day.
    The principal or their designee will use the following policy when returning the cell phone or electronic device:
    * The parent or guardian must come to school during regular operating hours to retrieve the electronic device.
    Ifa student refuses to give a teacher their cell phone or electronicdevice, then the student should remain in class and the teacher shouldwrite a discipline referral for that student.