1. Report cards will be issued after each of the four nine-week periods.

    2. Progress in a subject is indicated by letter grades as follows:

    A Superior Performance - 93-100
    B - Good Performance - 82-92
    C - Satisfactory Performance - 77-84
    D - Poor Performance but Passing - 70 - 76
    F - Failure (69 and below)

    3.   Conduct grades will be interpreted as follows:
    E - Excellent
    S - Satisfactory
    N - Needs to Improve
    U - Unsatisfactory

    4. Final Exams
    a.    A final exam will be given in all course for grades 9-12
    b.    Students in grades 9-11 must take the final exam in all classes in order to get credit.
    c.    Where end-of-course tests are available, they will count as the final examination. There are no
    exemptions from end-of-course tests.
    d.    Exams will count 25% of the final grade.
    e.    The final average is determined by counting course work 75% and the final exam counting 25%.
    f.    Missed exams should be made up promptly.