1.    Students shall not bring food or beverages into the building or classrooms.
    2.    When requested, students must identify themselves, answer reasonable questions, and follow directions

    of staff members. This includes giving name and correct spelling. Failure to give proper identification
    may result in corrective disciplinary action.
    3.    Students are not permitted to sit in cars that are parked on campus. Students may visit parking lots only
    when arriving and departing from school in private vehicles. At any other times, written permission from an Administrator is required to be in a parking lot.
    4.    When students travel in a group to represent the school, they will go and return by the same mode of
    transportation, unless prior permission is granted by the principal. Such permission would be granted only after parental contact is made by the principal.
    5.    Signs or posters should only be placed on approved areas throughout the building.
    6.    Students should not bring playing cards in the classroom or on campus.
    7.    No public displays of affection.
    8.    Cell phones shall not be visible on school grounds prior to 3:40 p.m.