Why do we have an Advisory Program?

    High school students often feel disconnected and have few personalized relationships with the adults who educate them. Student advisories offer a way to overcome the anonymity many students feel. Advisory programs are based on the belief that students need the opportunity to develop trusting relationships with adult educators and that doing so benefits the students in a variety of ways.

    What is an Advisory Program?

    Advisor/Advisee is a system in which every teacher in the school works with a small group of students as a mentor or coach. Ideal situation: Each educator is assigned a group of students as freshman with whom they meet regularly throughout the students four years at the school.

    The goals of the process are to help students make more informed educational and career choices, to provide an advocate for each student in the school, and to promote better communication among the school, students and parents/guardians. Ultimately, this can impact student achievement, involvement in school, and improved attendance rates. It can help create smaller learning environments for students and also ensure that all educators are responsible for a continuum of sequential career development activities for students throughout their secondary education.

    What are the Benefits of Student Advisory?

    Students in advisory programs are less likely to drop out and have lower incidence of substance abuse. The advisor also becomes the primary contact person for parents, increasing their involvement, which has been linked to student achievement at all levels of schooling. By having a more in-depth relationship with teachers, parents are more informed about their childs academic needs and successes and can better support them. Having the advisor as the contact person also increases the overall level of accountability in the school: each teacher is directly responsible for certain students, and each student is directly responsible to a particular teacher.

    *Look for more information about Advisory from your instructors.*