• Academic Support of Athletes on Academic Probation

                       i. Students placed on academic support for an academic quarter will be required to complete three (3) hours of tutoring each five (5) day school week, two (2) hours of tutoring each three (3) or four (4) day school week, or one (1) hour of tutoring each one (1) or two (2) day school week AND have no unexcused absences to school or any class within the school day.         
                       ii. A student failing to meet either of these requirements during a school week in which he/she is on academic support shall be ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities from 12:00 AM on Saturday of that week until 11:59 PM of Friday the following week. This rule is intended to allow students to participate in practices for extracurricular activities, but not performances, concerts, games and other extracurricular events.         
                       iii. A student will be allowed to participate in all extra-curricular activities during the following week if he/she successfully completes these requirements during the week of ineligibility and makes up any tutoring time missed during the previous week, if any.         
                       iv. Parents shall have two (2) school days to provide evidence of excused absence as required by AR 5110, Attendance and Make-Up Work.         
                       v. A student failing to meet any of these requirements during a second week in one academic quarter will be ineligible for the remainder of that academic quarter.