• Title 1 Parent - School Compact

    It is our belief that student performance will improve as a result of our cooperative efforts to support this compact. This is a three-way partnership with a specific goal in mind. It is imperative that each person assume his or her responsibilities.


    Parent Responsibilities:

    ·         Provide a quiet place to do homework.

    ·         Set aside a specific time to do homework.

    ·         Study area should be well-lit and well-equipped with pens/pencils, paper, ruler, dictionary, etc.

    ·         Look over homework assignments to check for understanding.

    ·         Be available to assist.

    ·         Sign and return all papers that require a parents or guardians signature.

    ·         Encourage positive attitudes toward school.

    ·         Require regular school attendance.

    ·         Attend parent-teacher conferences.


    Student Responsibilities:

    ·         Ask the teacher any questions about the homework.

    ·         Take home materials and information needed to complete the assignment.

    ·         Complete homework in a thorough, legible, and timely manner.

    ·         Return homework on time.

    ·         Return signed homework form.

    ·         Comply with school rules.

    ·         Attend school regularly.

    ·         Respect the personal property rights of others.


    School/Teacher Responsibilities:

    ·         Provide quality teaching and leadership

    ·         Coordinate regular instruction and assignments with regular program.

    ·         Give corrective feedback.

    ·         Recognize that students are accountable for every assignment.

    ·         Share child's progress with parent frequently.

    ·         Respect cultural, racial, and ethnic differences.

Last Modified on September 11, 2011