• Teens and Body Image

    Helping your child to build a positive body image

    Familyvalues, peer pressure, media images, and self-esteem affect body imagefor both teen boys and girls. Help your teenager to develop a positivebody image that will serve your child well.

    Tips for helping your teen develop a positive body image
    • Createand maintain open lines of communication with your teen. Be aware ofchanges in opinions about food, weight and body image.
    • Talk with your teen about weight gain being a normal part of development, especially during the years of puberty.
    • Avoid making negative statements about food, weight, and body size and shape.
    • Allowyour teen to make decisions about food, while making sure that thereare plenty of healthy and nutritious meals and snacks on hand.
    • Beaware of what type of media images your teen is viewing in magazines,music videos, and on television, and how they portray body image. Watchor read with your teen so you can talk about what she is seeing.
    • Promote self-esteem by praising your teen's achievements, good decisions, and positive attitude.
    • Encourage your teen to make positive self-statements and encourage her to rethink and rephrase negative statements.
    Thisinformation was compiled by Sunindia Bhalla, One Tough Job Manager, andreviewed by the Program Staff of the Massachusetts Childrens TrustFund.
Last Modified on September 11, 2011