• Importance of Healthful Living

    The Healthful Living program, when appropriately reinforced in a comprehensive scope and sequence manner, can be expected to provide the following benefits for all students:

    lowering of the risk-taking behaviors that contribute to disease,

    injury and death;

    enhanced academic performance;

    desirable social behaviors and increase levels of self-image;

    establishment of the positive behaviors that promote higher levels of healthy living;

    higher morale and productivity and less absenteeism by students;

    development of appropriate levels of personal fitness and an understanding of the importance of physical activity for maintaining a viable and productive life;

    fewer instances of students dropping out of school due to health- related behaviors (e.g., pregnancy, alcohol and drug use or being dismissed from school due to violence or tobacco-related suspension);

    more students acknowledging the value of abstinence from sexual activity until marriage;

    lower health care expenses;

    increased awareness and respect for cultural diversity;

    healthier, more active workforce citizens, better equipped to handle personal and social environmental, safety, and medical care decisions; and

    appropriate skill development and behaviors for competence in at least three lifetime activities.