• Goal of Healthful Living

    Goals of Healthful Living

    A comprehensive healthful living education program is designed to help each student develop pro-active health promotion behaviors. The high school years are vital to ensure a strong knowledge base for continued personal fitness and lifetime activity.

    Students should be able to assess their own health status and understand the relationship of healthful living to their quality of life, develop an awareness of their own control in the area of stress management, accept responsibility for the prevention of major health risks; demonstrate conflict resolution skills; understand concepts of fitness and lifetime wellness; accept responsibility for personal fitness; demonstrate competence in a variety of skills needed for being active; and control behaviors in physical activity settings.

    Students should realize before leaving high school that healthy behaviors are essential to their quality of life; fitness is a part of everyday life; behavior is accountable; and proper nutrition is essential. Students should realize and value healthy behaviors through an understanding that living a healthy lifestyle can increase their job productivity and help to reduce health care costs in todays economy.