• Frequently Asked Questions
    1.  What do I do if I'm absent from school?Ask for any make-up work missed from the day(s) you were absent.
    2.  How do I get the notes from the day(s) that I missed? You will need to get the notes from a classmate, or I may have copied notes for you.
    3.  How important is it to make up a quiz or test?Very important!!  Tests and quizzes are a major part of your grade.  Just missing one assignment will hurt your grade. 
    4.  How can I be up-to-date with my grades?The parent assistant page is located on the WS/FCS home page.  Go here for directions on how to use and check grades.
    5.  When does Miss Palmer stay offer tutoring?Please check the 'Tutoring' page for available times.
    6.  What can I do to help improve my grade?Study! Tutoring!  Just because you weren't given an assignment doesn't mean you can't look at math.  Practice is available from the work done in class or online.
    7.  How am I supposed to do my homework without a calculator?I will do my best to assign homework in which the majority of the work can be done without a calculator.  Smartphones now have an app that closely mirrors the graphing calculators.  Try that option also! 
    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me at adpalmer@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.