• H.S. English

    High School English

    Preparing for Success in English I


    Reading/Comprehension Skills:
    This is an introductory class to English I. In this course, students will acquire knowledge that is needed to be successful in English I, such as reading comprehension, listening, speaking and writing skills.We will spend a good deal of time focused on how to be successful not just in the English classroom, but all high school level classes.  This includes a range of lessons from note taking to reading, which will accelerate students overall reading comprehension skills.

     Literature: We will read short stories and poems from our text book, some novels, and a play.  Class copies will be provided. Novels and play to be read:

    Rick Riordan - The Lightening Thief

     William Gibson - The Miracle Worker
     Robert Comier - Tunes for Bears to Dance To
    Book of Choice (Outside Reading)/ Reading Log Required
    Grading Criteria
    Participation - 20% (on time, prepared, on task, contributions to class, etc.)
    Homework – 15%
    Quizzes – 20%
    Journals/Grammar Ex. – 20%
    Test Grades – 25%  (tests, projects, essays, etc)