•   Biotech I Course  (Honors)
    Laminar flow hood
    The second course in the Biotech strand of curricula, this course focuses on the skills and practices of a successful laboratory scientist.  Students will learn to master lab skills, properly use lab equipment, follow standard operating procedures, and maintain a proper lab notebook. Students will also be required to design and carryout an individual lab project.  Upon completion of the course, students should have employable laboratory skills beyond that a typical high school student.  Units include The Biotech Industry (15%), Basic Lab Skills (60%), Regulation of the Biotech Industry (15%), and Bioethics (10%).
    Biotech 1 Syllabus F 2015                                                
    Biotech I Research Project                                 
    Science Fair documents - see Required Documents about half way down the page      

    Lessons: See daily classroom activities and assignments below. Dates are subject to change.
    Aug 24 - Sep 11   The Biotech Industry                                  
    Sep 14- Oct 2
    Lab Skills: The Basics of Biotech
    Oct 5 - Oct 15
    Lab Skills: Metrology       
    Oct 16 - Nov 20
    Lab Skills:" A Formula for Success" PBL Unit
    Nov 23 - Dec 11Biotech Regulations:       "Easy A" project  
    Dec 14 - Dec 18Bioethics                               
    TBALab Skills Practical Test 
     Course Review 
    TBACTE Post-Assessment EXAM