• Forensic Science Course
    FingerprintingThis course focuses on the skills and concepts behind crime scene investigation and forensic science. Whether you desire to be crime scene investigator, forensic pathologist, or some other medical scientist, this course will help you hone your investigative skills and review a wide range of science concepts. You will review physics, chemistry, anatomy, cell biology, environmental science and computer science in the process of learning about forensic science. You will engage in lectures, labs, case studies, on-line activities, and professional visits as part of this course. This course should help you see how science is used to answer questions rather than just learning science concepts. It should be a very enjoyable course.
    Topics we will address:
    History of Forensic Science, Crime Scene Processing, Physical Evidence, Fingerprinting,  Autopsies, Forensic Anthropology & Archeology, Forensic Entomology, Drugs & Toxicology,  Glass Comparison, Serology & DNA, Hair & Fiber Trace Evidence, Soil Comparison, Firearm Comparison, Tool marks & Impressions, Document Examination, Digital Forensics, and Careers in Forensics.
    Lessons: See daily classroom activities and assignments below
    Jan 20 - Feb 19Crime Scene Processing     
    Feb 22- Apr 15  Trace Analysis Project:  Questions      
    Apr 18 - May 17Death Investigation
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