Course Description:


    The Healthful Living Curriculum will prepare students for managing their work life and family life and will help them make informed decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. The guide teaches students about important issues they will face immediately following high school, and will help them live independent, satisfying lives. The unique focus is the interrelationship between work and family, and the fact that neither takes place exclusive of the other. Career development, personal development, relationships, parenting, wellness and nutrition, and resource management issues are discussed simultaneously in the context of the workplace and the home. In addition to addressing life management decisions, the curriculum focuses on basic skills, critical thinking, cultural diversity, group interaction, teamwork, and use of technology. These essential skills provide students with a vehicle for life-long learning. It is our goal that students gain skills that will prepare them to be better individuals, parents, citizens, and workers.

    Course Objectives:

    1: The learner will develop knowledge and skills to enhance mental and emotional well-being.

    2: The learner will develop knowledge and skills to enhance personal and consumer health.

    3: The learner will develop healthy and effective interpersonal communication and relationship skills.

    4: The learner will apply knowledge and behavior self-management skills to areas of nutrition and physical activity for healthy growth, development and maintenance.

    5: The learner will demonstrate competency in a variety of movement forms and proficiency in a few to gain competence towards lifetime physical activities.

    Required Materials:  Pens, pencils, paper/notebook, 3 ring binder



    A. REPORT to class on time with necessary material.

    B. RESPECT the teacher, your classmates and yourself.

    C. Listen and follow directions the first time given.

    D. NO FOOD or DRINKS allowed in class.

    E. Students are responsible for making up all missed assignments. Failure to do so will lead to one (1) letter grade deduction or a zero.


    Tardy Policy: Students need to be in their assigned seat before the tardy bell rings.  Excessive tardiness will result in administrative action.



    Test/quizzes=25%   Projects/groups activities/oral reports= 25%     Participation=50%

    A: 100-90   B: 89-80   C. 79-70   D: 69-60   F: 59-¯


    HEALTH TOPICS: Healthy foundations, Physical Activity and Nutrition, Mental, Emotional and Social Health, Diseases and Disorders, Injury Prevention, First Aid and Safety, CPR, Family Planning, Weight Management


    LIFE SKILLS TOPICS: Character, Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Tolerance, Responsibility, Financial Planning, Employment, Leadership Development, Community Service