• Projects for Home
    There are several things that you can do at home that will help to build skills that will be useful for a career in engineering.
    CraftingBuild Something:  Has your parents bought a new bookshelf that needs to be assembled?  Help them put it together!  Reading technical directions and making sense of the pictures will give you an idea of the type of drawings you will create in your Introduction to Engineering Design Class.  Take note of your problems with the directions.  How would you improve on them?  What helped you? 
    Sketch Something:  Practice sketching.  Sketch anything... doodles in a notebook, to help in explaining a picture in your mind, your own comics, etc.  Engineerings sketch.  It is their way of quickly getting ideas on paper and to communicate thoughts. 
    Craft Someting:  Crochet, sew, jewelry making, woodworking, metal crafting, scrap booking anything.  Making something from basic materials is the heart of engineering.  The more you can tap into your creativity, the better an engineer you will be.
    Make a new use for something: Ready Made magazine has some great projects for new uses for old stuff.  Is there something around the house that is collecting dust?  Do you go through a lot of 2-Liter bottles?  Grocery bags? Gum wrappers?  Design something from it, instead of letting it take up space.