• Name: Lonnie C. Pulley, Jr.
    Subject: Physical Education
    Phone: (336) 703-4151 
    Grading Plan:
    Student progress will be cumulatively assessed each nine weeks based on the following methods of evaluation.
    Dressing Out/Class Participation               40%
    Fitness Test/Sports Games                           20%
    Skills Assessments                                           40%
    Students will being each week with 100 points for their dress/participation grade.
    Each day a student is not dressed out with required uniform and tennis shoes, and therefore cannot participate, twenty points will be deducted from their dress/participation grade for the week.
    Grading Scale:                                                                                    Required Materials
    A          93 -100                                                                            * Tennis Shoes daily!!!!!!!!!
    B          85 - 92                                                                              * PE uniform shirts and shorts
    C         77 - 84
    D        70 - 76
    F         69 and below