• Name: Lonnie C. Pulley, Jr.
    Subject: Physical Education
    Contact info:LCPulley@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Phone: (336) 703-4151 
    Classroom Expectations:
    * Students will be expected to participate actively in Physical Education class at all times.
    * Students are to be in the locker rooms by the final note of the bell.
    * Each student is expected to dress out and participate every day.
    * Once the tardy bell has sounded, students will have five minutes to dress, use restroom, etc. before the whistle blows to exit the locker room.
    * Students go directly to their assigned spot in the gym for roll call after locker room is locked.
    * After gym class, students will dress quickly and wait for the bell to exit the gym!
    * Shoes other than athletic shoes will not be allowed on the gym floor. If a student does not have proper shoes, they will not be considered as dressed for that day and may not participate.
    * Valuables are not to be brought to the gym.
    Discipline Policy: Physical Education classes will follow the Atkins High Five-Step Discipline Plan as follows:
    Step 1: Student Warning
    Step 2: Parent Contact/2nd warning
    Step 3: Teacher Consequence/Detention-ISS
    Step 4: Parent Conference
    Step 5: Referral to Administrator